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    The Skilled Program curriculum is designed in collaboration with Google's and Facebook's marketing experts, tech employees and online marketing professionals in order to deliver an immersive, fast-paced learning experience. Participants can expect to be constantly challenged, learning and practicing throughout the entire duration of the program.
    When class is over, party is on. After all, this is Tel Aviv.

    Teacher Instructing

    Part #1:
    Understand the Israeli Online Ecosystem

    Part #2:
    Acquire Digital Skills

    Professor & Students

    Part #3:
    Test Your Skills

    The Skilled Program begins with a series of full-immersion sessions focused on the Israeli online business ecosystem. In this section participants learn what factors lie behind Israel's thriving online ecosystem, what are the forces that act in it, what kind of jobs are available and what skills are necessary to access them. By the end of this section, participants can expect to have a clear picture of the online jobs market in Israel, including the level of employers’ expectations and the skills required to access relevant jobs.

    The second section of the program is where all the hands-on learning happens. Participants can expect to be challenged with the ideation, planning and execution of multi-channel and multi-platform online marketing campaigns, results analysis and first-hand usage of top-notch online marketing tools. In this section participants will become proficient in a variety of online marketing techniques.

    A good portion of the program is dedicated to testing your newly learned skills. This is where participants can refine their knowledge and solidify the understanding and skills that will continue helping them throughout their careers.