"The Skilled Program was an excellent opportunity to deepen my knowledge in digital marketing. It also opened the door for me to find my first job in Israel as a new Olah."

Gabriela Trebitsch, Head of Product Global E-Commerce at SodaStream International. Immigrant from: Santiago, Chile

"Outstanding. I moved to Israel to study at the Technion and the Skilled Program gave me perspective on the country and on how to approach the jobs market. In terms of knowledge, this is the best first step to master digital marketing. "

Daniel Raccah, Mechanical Engineering student. Immigrant from: Rome, Italy


"I have been in marketing for years but I needed more digital skills to better fit the Israeli market. The Skilled Program delivered it all: technical knowledge, online marketing tools and a good understanding of the Israel jobs landscape."

Betty Machlup, Advisor to the Israel-Brazil chamber of commerce. Immigrant from: Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Skilled Program is designed to help participants become proficient in online marketing and sales in a matter of weeks. We know that this is an ambitious goal that requires commitment and hard work. For this reason, it is necessary to have a restricted, supportive learning environment where every participant can make the most out of the program. This is why we accept a maximum of 30 people per intake. 

Participants must commit to attend the program in its full length. If you are currently working full time or if you don't plan to move to (or to continue to live in) Israel, this program is probably not for you. 

If you are a current or eligible legal immigrant to Israel and you are passionate about starting a career in online marketing or sales you are in the right place and we encourage you to apply to the Skilled Program.

Application for Class of Summer '20 is now CLOSED. 

Is this the right program for you?

Minimum requirements:

  • Age 18+

  • High-school graduate

  • Eligibility to make aliyah and/or currently a legal immigrant in Israel

  • Ability to operate a computer and browse the Internet

  • English proficiency (reading, listening and understanding)

Admission criteria:

  • Submitting a full application form.

  • For selected candidates: passing a face-to face interview.

All students are expected to bring their personal laptop. Students without a laptop won't be able to attend or complete the program.